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The Rampant and Ugly Reality of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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If you’ve been hearing the headlines lately, it’s only confirmed what our law firm has always known—sexual harassment is an epidemic and it leaves behind emotional, psychological, and professional devastation in its wake. Discrimination in the workplace is, sadly, a reality. We see it in Philadelphia when our attorneys take up cases of transgender discrimination, too.

We can’t ignore that discrimination occurs. But, as we’ve observed over all the years in the legal world, it’s not easy for victims to step forward. Often, the victims of harassment don’t know how to respond to the mistreatment. Some restrain themselves out of fear or shame; while others may endure it indefinitely and inside of the prison of a hostile workplace. In honor of those who stepped forward, and those still struggling, our attorneys want you to feel the confidence and the courage to speak. Your story is as deserving of telling as anyone else’s.

When It Happens, Pause and Assess

When the realization of sexual harassment dawns on you, you may be frightened; you may be disgusted—almost compelled to quit on the spot. Immediately leaving your employer is not always in your best interest, especially when you’ve signed a sexual harassment policy. If you report the harassment and force your employer to respond, you’ll give yourself proof and valid documentation that cannot go dismissed.

Maintain Your Courage and Resolve

Our attorneys in South Jersey often consult victims of transgender discrimination and other forms of workplace sexual harassment. In some of the cases we pursue, our client will be a victim of their boss or a long-time colleague. Because of the power and prestige wielded by those who victimized them, they may feel discouraged to even try seeking professional and personal justice. Clients will even second-guess themselves. If you’ve been a recipient of an inappropriate text or an email that ever made you uneasy, don’t feel ashamed. Your pain is real and legitimate.

Prepare All Pertinent Documentation

In the midst of this emotional maelstrom, we advise you to keep steady and document it as it unfolds. When you do finally seek out legal counsel, our lawyers at Jacobson & Rooks, LLC will walk you through the entirety of the legal process. Your feedback and participation will be desired as we work tirelessly to defend your civil rights.