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The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks PC is dedicated to advocating for the rights of employees.

We are on the employee's side

Whether blue collar or white collar, we represent the workers. We pursue the rights of aggrieved employees who have been:

  • Wrongfully terminated because of their disability, pregnancy, sex, gender, familial status, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, race, age or disability.
  • Sexually harassed in the workplace or subjected to a sexually hostile work environment, or have been asked for sexual favors in exchange for continued employment, promotions, or other favorable work conditions
  • Retaliated against for complaining about being discriminated against or for otherwise making protected complaints in the workplace.
  • Retaliated against for exercising their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or state-law equivalents.
  • Denied the benefits of a reasonable accommodation to perform the essential work functions of their job because of a disability.
  • Cheated out of wages or denied overtime wages for working more than 40 hours in a one-week period.
  • Denied the benefit of working in a healthy and safe workplace in violation of OSHA requirements.

Under the Constitution of the United States, and under our public policy, people should have a right to enjoy an equal employment opportunity. Many people, particularly those with disabilities, have faced persistent discrimination throughout their lives, especially when trying to find and maintain employment. The very fact that laws have been made to prohibit discrimination and retaliation is a testament that employers discriminate and retaliate against employees. We are here to help in this ongoing battle.


Employment law exists because employers sometimes act in manners which violate their employees’ legally-protected rights.

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The process begins with us intently listening to your story. We’ll ask questions to determine how your employer’s conduct violated your rights. Many times, an employer will treat an employee very unfairly. But, “unfair treatment” does not always mean “illegal treatment.” Using our experience in employment law, we’ll ask pertinent questions to examine your employer’s conduct, and contrast that conduct with applicable statutes, regulations, and case law. After hearing about your experience, and determining if we believe that your rights have been compromised, ignored, or violated, we will initiate communication with the employer to advise them of their violations of your rights under the applicable laws and give them an opportunity to “make you whole” prior to initiating any legal action against them. This includes informing employers about their obligations to preserve evidence and the facts of the case.

Our communication with the employer generally takes the form of a “demand package,” which tells the story of how the employer’s actions violated your rights under the law. We outline the facts, the law, and apply those facts to the law to help the employer understand how your rights were violated. The employer will generally review these documents and respond in the form of an acceptance, a counter offer, or a rejection. We maintain constant communication with you during this negotiation, empowering you with the final decision. We will advise and counsel you, based on our experience, to accept or reject any settlement offer made. Read more

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