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The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C.: Dedicated to Upholding the Rights of Employees

We fight for employees’ workplace rights in the state of New Jersey.

Going to work in a hostile environment can make you feel angry, hurt, and devastated – especially when you’re relying on your paycheck to support you and your loved ones. It is not an easy task to stand up to an unscrupulous employer who violates your rights or fails to protect your rights at work. However, you don’t have to face this battle alone. At The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C., our experienced employment law attorneys will be your ally. We will dedicate ourselves to upholding your rights and ensuring that you are treated fairly.

You have the right to be protected from sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace retaliation, denied overtime pay, and other workplace issues. At The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C., our employment lawyers work with employees across New Jersey who have experienced some form of workplace harassment, unlawful mistreatment, or discriminatory behavior. We know the federal and state regulations surrounding employment law and will use those regulations to fight for your rights.

Countless employees have faced discrimination and illegal mistreatment at the workplace, either when looking for employment or navigating the harmful treatment they receive at work each day. We leverage our detailed knowledge of the law to protect employees’ rights and fight for the justice they deserve. If you’ve been denied your rights provided under the Constitution of the United States and the law, we are here to help. Everyone deserves a fair chance. We’ll ensure you get yours.

Types of Employment Law Cases We Handle

No matter how complex your case is, if your rights were legally violated, we can help.

Our employment lawyers have tackled tough cases and won compensation for many clients who faced adverse, hostile conditions at work. We negotiate directly with your employer to get the compensation you deserve and have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for our clients. 

The employment rights attorneys at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. are well-versed in New Jersey employment laws. We specialize in many areas of employment law, including:

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