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Sexual harassment is often thought of as something separate from discrimination, but it is a very real form of sex discrimination. It can involve vulgar and cruel treatment of victims, who experience demeaning and painful situations. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone. It affects people at all levels in all types of professions.

If you experienced sexual misconduct by a coworker, supervisor, executive, or someone else at work, The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. can help. Our sexual harassment lawyers in New Jersey can evaluate your claim and proceed with legal action to hold responsible parties accountable. In many sexual harassment cases, plaintiffs can seek monetary damages as fair and just compensation for their mistreatment at work.

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How to Identify Sexual Harassment at Work

Many people who experience sexual harassment may be wary to report it because they are unsure if their experience qualifies. While an attorney can help you evaluate your claim, there are some ways you can discern if sexual harassment has occurred.

It is important to remember that sexual harassment can happen to anyone and it may be physical or non-physical in nature. Sometimes the employee may not even be the direct recipient of abuse, but instead be someone who witnessed and was adversely affected by its severity or pervasiveness, which generated a hostile work environment.

Common examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Any form of unwanted or inappropriate physical contact
  • Any request for sexual favors, especially when employment benefits such as continued employment, pay raises, or promotion are conditioned upon giving in to the request for such sexual faxors (quid pro quo sexual harassment)
  • Sexually explicit jokes or comments, or those that offend a particular sex (even if no direct individual is mentioned)
  • Any sexually suggestive comments made about a person
  • Unwelcomed sexual advances
  • Images or links in emails that contain sexually explicit content
  • The display of sexually offensive imagery at work

What Is a Sexually Hostile Work Environment?

A sexually hostile work environment is one where a boss or coworker’s actions, behaviors, or communications are sexual in nature and occur with such frequency or severity that makes it difficult or impossible for the victimized employee to do his or her job.

Because sexual harassment is a form of discrimination, anyone who is affected by severe or pervasive sexual misconduct can file a hostile work environment claim. They do not need to be the direct recipient of abuse to file this type of claim.

Understanding Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo is a form of sexual harassment that involves the exchange of a sexual favor for a workplace incentive. The incentive may be a promotion or raise, but it can also be threatening in nature – such as a promise that future sexual abuse will not occur or that someone will not be fired if they perform a sex act.

Any kind of transaction that requires a party to engage in or be subjected to sexual activity is illegal. If someone at work made any kind of offer to you that involves your participation in – or submission to – sex acts, immediately consult with a sexual harassment attorney in New Jersey for help.

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