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Whistleblower / False Claims Act

Attorneys Protecting The Rights Of Whistleblowers

Seeking Financial Recover for Whistleblowers

Do You Know Fraud When You See It?

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) has it origins during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the “Lincoln Law.  Simply put, the FCA imposes liability on individuals and entities who defraud the federal government.  The FCA is the federal Government’s primary enforcement mechanism in combating fraud that is committed against the Government. The qui tam provision of the FCA allows private citizens to bring false claims cases on behalf of the government.  The individuals who file false claims actions are referred to as “relators” or “whistleblowers.”  Successful false claims cases allow the person bringing the case to share in the financial recovery obtained, which ranges between 15–25 percent of any recovered money damages.

The False Claims Act And Qui Tam Claims

The False Claims Act was designed to hold individuals and businesses accountable for committing fraud against the government. Up to 80 percent of all of the fraud committed against the government occurs in the health care setting. The Medicare and Medicaid programs are frequently the target of fraudulent schemes. Other fraud against the government may take the form of defense contractor fraud, other government contractor fraud, affordable housing grant fraud, and other federal grant and federal program fraud. Because the healthcare industry is so active in New Jersey, we handle many health care fraud whistleblower claims in places like Camden County, Bergen County and across the state. These cases are not limited to New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We represent whistleblowers all across the nation.

Retaliation Protection For Whistleblowers

Employees who discover that their employer is engaged in business activities which defraud the Government may wish to report the wrongdoing.  However, employers often do not respond positively to accusations of fraud or criminal activities. Without protection, whistleblowers may suffer wrongful termination or other forms of discrimination. We understand the various protections the law affords to whistleblowers, and we will do everything possible to shield you from adverse actions by your employer.

Contact Our New Jersey And Pennsylvania Qui Tam Claim Attorneys

Our New Jersey whistleblower attorneys can be contacted via phone at (800) 406-8013 or via email.