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Jury sides with worker in sexual harassment claim

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There are many things that go into someone being able to do their job well. There are also things that a worker should not face such as sexual harassment in the workplace. When a worker is the victim of sexual harassment he or she may decide to take legal action against his or her employer. A woman in another state did this and the case was recently resolved.

The woman, who is in her twenties, worked at an investment group and was in charge of the firm’s marketing. She said that she was fired after ending a short sexual relationship with the chief executive of the firm. Prior to that she reportedly received gifts from the man and he helped to pay for her apartment.

According to the woman she was let go after the man found another man at her residence. After she was fired the woman also alleges that the executive defamed her on a blog, ruining her reputation.

The executive accused in this case denied ever having had sex with the woman. He also claimed that she was let go for substandard work and that in response, she tried to extort him.

The woman sued her former employer for sexual harassment, retaliation, defamation and assault and battery, seeking $850 million in damages. The case went to trial and a federal jury found in favor of the woman on several of the counts. The executive was ordered to pay the woman compensatory damages totaling $2 million for the defamation, retaliation and sexual harassment claims.

As this case illustrates a worker who is the victim of sexual harassment does not need to take it without any recourse. The first step for anyone who finds that they are in this situation is to seek the assistance of an employment lawyer.