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Marlton, NJ, Employment Law Attorneys

There are some employees who face discrimination, mistreatment, and even unsafe work environments every workday. They may face discrimination or wrongful termination due to their race, religion, or gender. They may be retaliated against for exercising their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act or complaining about being denied overtime compensation. They may be denied a safe workplace, as required by OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or retaliated against for complaining about unsafe working conditions.

If you believe your rights as an employee have been violated, you may have legal recourse. The seasoned employment law attorneys at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. are unparalleled in their dedication to employees who have experienced harmful mistreatment in the workplace. We advocate fiercely and skillfully for employees who have suffered emotionally, financially, and sometimes even physically, due to the wrongful actions or inactions of their employers.

When you contact our Marlton, NJ, attorneys, we will listen to your story and determine your best legal path forward. Whether your rights are protected under the Title IVV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, OSHA, or another legal avenue, we will build a strong, persuasive legal argument as to why you deserve a comprehensive, fair settlement.

Our lawyers at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. represent employees across all industries, from the corporate suite to the factory floor. If you have been wronged at work in some way, then contact us today at (856) 817-6221 to learn how we may be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Types of Employment Law Cases We Handle

There are many different facets of employment law. If you have experienced any discrimination, harassment, or retaliation at work, then The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. employment law attorneys can help you. Our employment law practice areas include, but are not limited to: 

Why Hire the Lawyers at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C.

Throughout Marlton, NJ, and the nearby areas, the employment lawyers at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. take on all kinds of cases where employees were mistreated at work or discriminated against for their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and more. Our attorneys have years of experience fighting for victims of workplace discrimination and will use their in-depth knowledge to fight for you in negotiations with your employer to get you the best settlement possible. Over the years, we have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients who have faced workplace discrimination. 

Our attorneys have published articles in many reputable publications such as Physicians News DigestJournal of Medical Practice ManagementADVANCE for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine, and more. 

When we take on your case, know that you will have someone well-versed in employment law on your side and that we will handle any obstacle that may arise.

How We’ll Handle Your Employment Law Case

The first step in your employment law case will be an initial conversation with our legal team, where we review the details of your case. After we determine the strength of your case and how best to proceed, then we will initiate communication with your employer, usually in the form of a demand package, which details their violation of your legal rights. This provides the employer with an opportunity to take measures and provide you with the compensation you need to make up for your losses, prior to our taking legal action against them.

We will work meticulously to investigate your case and gather the evidence needed to build a solid legal case against your employer. We will negotiate aggressively and incisively on your behalf to protect your best interests and ensure you receive the settlement that is your due. We will simultaneously prepare your case for trial, if necessary, to fight for the comprehensive settlement you deserve.

Types of Compensation You Might Be Able to Get

There are several types of compensation you may be owed as a result of the workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other wrongdoing you encountered. These types of compensation may include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Employment Law

We often get questions about employment law and the legality of an employer’s actions toward their employees. We’ve provided answers, below, to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Someone made a racist remark directed at me. Do I have a case?

The laws we have are put in place to guard against hostile working environments. When you experience one remark that may be racist, that alone may not be enough to build a case, especially if it was not intended to be hostile. If, however, you encounter repetitive behavior, you report it to human resources, and nothing is done about it, then you likely have a case.

Is my interviewer allowed to ask outright if I am pregnant?

When you are in an interview, they are not legally allowed to ask certain questions. They cannot inquire about your religion, ask if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, and other related personal questions. 

What does it mean when you say New Jersey or Pennsylvania is an “at-will” state?

An “at-will” state means that your employer has the right at any time to terminate you for any reason, except for reasons protected by law, contract, or policy. If you think you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer based on religion, race, disability, or other reasons, then you may have a case against them.

My boss critiques me for every little thing I do. Might I have a viable discrimination case?

Keep in mind, some bosses have a tougher management style than others. If he is critiquing everyone heavily, then that may just signify his approach with his employees. However, if it seems that he is singling you out based on gender, sexual orientation, or race, then you might have a viable case. Document his comments and actions in detail for your review with an attorney.

Call Us Today to Learn How We Can Help

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or illegally mistreated in your workplace, whether it’s due to your disability, race, religion, gender, FMLA leave, veteran status, or other reasons, you should not hesitate to contact a qualified employment lawyer in Marlton, NJ.

The lawyers at The Law Firm of Morgan Rooks, P.C. will safeguard your legal rights and fight tirelessly for you to receive a settlement that is just and comprehensive. Contact us today at (856) 817-6221 to schedule a consultation so that we may take an in-depth look at your case.