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A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit That Seems Straight From a Movie

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a prominent issue that deserves to be recognized and fought against. Employers, employees, and customers sometimes, unfortunately, display behaviors that are extremely inappropriate and objectify or discriminate people based on their gender.

One recent case from a debt relief company in New Jersey seems as if it was directly out of a movie like The Wolf of Wall Street, which vividly depicts sexual harassment in the workplace. But this story is completely real.

According to former employees who were fired after trying to speak out against lewd behavior at their office, the owner and manager of a New Jersey debt relief company engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with employees.

According to an NY Post article on the sexual harassment case, two upper-level personnel at the company hired women based on their attractiveness and brought sexual objects into the interviewing room when hiring new employees. They would frequently call a female employee into a private room and talk about her body inappropriately. They also encouraged female employees to dress provocatively in the workplace, and offered the women more money to expose themselves and use their bodies as a form of entertainment and distraction.

But it doesn’t stop there. They also frequently hosted events in which they hired a stripper to come into the office, after passing around a waiver that confirmed that employees approved of this behavior. If employees refused to sign, they would be ridiculed. According to the lawsuit, the company even fired three employees who fought back against the lewd behavior.

You can find and read the full article here:

What You Can Do

If you witness behavior similar to this or you are a victim of this kind of treatment, it’s important to report it and call a lawyer immediately. Nobody deserves to be objectified because of their gender or their body. By calling a workplace sexual harassment lawyer in Gloucester County, you can help to fight against the employers, employees, and customers that treat workers poorly and make them uncomfortable.

What We Do

At The Law Firm of Jacobson and Rooks, LLC, we represent victims in cases such as this. We understand that nobody should have to endure this treatment. We seek justice for these individuals and are determined to punish those who objectify or judge employees for any reason. As trusted work sexual harassment attorneys in Bucks County, we will defend those who feel as if they cannot defend themselves in the workplace.